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National Media Kits & Sales Tools

I've done various projects for the Canada-wide printed publication, Coffee News, but their Media Kit has been the most significant. It is an informative piece that serves to sell advertising space to businesses across the country.
I first designed the Media Kit back in 2016 and it was used widely. The style adheres to the general Coffee News brand, but I was given creative control over a lot of aspects.
Over the years, I've created updated versions, due to changing franchises, new prices, additional maps needed, etc. I have also created other more franchise-specific Media Kits that focus in on their local communities.
Attention to detail has been especially important while creating this document. For example, the zone maps may look simple but they represent a tedious layout to get the geography as accurate as possible, especially as more zones are added, combined or removed.

Also included here is an example of a promo brochure I did for a more localized branch of the nationwide company.

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