Hi! I'm Leah!

LJC Creative is my very own business, in which I operate as a freelancer. Hiring LJC Creative means you are hiring ME (that smiling face to the right). It’s a personal and professional relationship, unhindered by office politics, hidden fees or call-on-hold background music.

And while the job does certainly have its perks (i.e. shoes are not mandatory in my home office), I take my work seriously. So whether you’re across the world or you’re my neighbor in Abbotsford, BC, YOUR business remains important to me.

I'm here for you whether you represent:

  • A small start-up not knowing your first step

  • A visionary needing someone to bring your brand to life

  • An established brand in need of some marketing materials

  • An events promoter needing some graphics to draw in an audience

  • An organization that's ready for a facelift

I hold a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and have done my fair share of marketing and graphic design projects for clients near and far. I'm also a busy momma, so the work I accept is carefully considered in order for me to give my clients (and kids) the time they each deserve.

Have a look around and definitely reach out with any questions or requests!